Online Shopping has been around for 20 years; currently, a huge boom is underway in the distribution industry.

The industry is facing a more complex and competitive environment, as various business entities equipped with new ICT technologies and services enter into the market.

Work Experience (July 1986 ~ April 2016 )
  • HomePlus Marketing Division
  • Director of Gift Cards
  • HomePlus Store Management
  • Regional Director
  • HomePlus Corporate Culture
  • Director
  • HomePlus Store Management
  • Manager
    / Assistant Manager / Parts Leader
  • Samsung Electronics Korea Branch
  • HR Manager
  • Samsung Group
  • Regional Specialist(Japan)


group will open up the era of IoE (Internet of Everything). With our extensive hands-on experience and well-differentiated technologies, we will connect offline spaces, products, and processes to the online community.

All members of POPSLINE

are committed to ensuring that our customers are our focus. We wish to increase our clients’ revenues through creative destruction. We also believe that the true value of our business can be achieved only when our end consumers are satisfied with our services.