Qually Assurance

HOMECOMPANY Qually Assurance


Medicines for animals are not only closely related to lives of animals but also connected directly with safety of human, not as other products. Therefore Ewhapharmtek we recognize the importance of the quality control so that we manage the control of our products thoroughly in order to convey GMP-standardized products to consumers through rigid quality control at every stage from purchasing materials to manufacturing process, packing and forwarding


1. Sampling
- sampling per Lot in raw materials and manufactured goods as a rule
- making decision of purchasing and shipping on the result of sampling
- keeping samples for the term of validity and 2 months more
2. Analysis.
- deciding the potency of product through analysing with HPLC, UV-spectrophotometer, ion analysis, and microbial experiment
3. Safety Test.
- guarantee for our products through safety testing.
4. Maintaining KVGMP
- operating followed KVGMP regulations on every process(from warehousing to forwarding), and managing followed KVGMP regulations on the laboratory management.


1. Instrumental analysis laboratory
HPLC, Chemical balance, etc.
2. Bio assay laboratory
Clean bench, Incubator, Zone Reader, Cup dropper, etc.
3. Central laboratory
Water purification system, Centrifuge, Ultrasonic cleaner, Auto clave, Chemical balance, pH meter, UV/Vis spectrophotometer, Fume hood, Drying oven, titration system, etc.

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