Strong point

POPSLINE is the world’s first one-stop shopping content provider that uses 3D panorama images to connect offline spaces, processes, and products with the online community.

POPSLINE is different…

We provide agency services with our independently developed innovative solutions, which ultimately help stores on our platform to increase their revenues and extend their limited offline stores into online stores using POPSLINE’s platform.
  • No Glasses

    Use existing terminals
    (i.e., Smartphones) without
    the need for separate glasses.

  • Daily Life Contents

    There is huge potential for growth of the
    platform, which is related to those shopping
    contents that are closely linked to our daily lives.

  • SNS Marketing

    There are great opportunities
    to advertise and promote
    offline stores via video sharing.

Agency Service

By connecting clients to POPSLINE’s platform,
POPSLINE provides agency services for offline stores and end consumers,
such as inventory, delivery, billing, etc.