[Disinfectant] Orbivet
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Each Kg contains

30% Formaline---------------------------------------------------------------------------300.0 g

50% Glutaraldehyde----------------------------------------------------------------------150.0 g



-          Disinfection of pigs and cattle exterior and playground.

-          Disinfection of chicken cage and hatchery.

-          Microbiological effect

-          Disinfection of barn for experimental animals and artificial insemination center.



-          Cleaning before disinfection

Before making animals to be entered at barn, disinfect it after completely removing the dirt such as fecal hair and feed dregs adhering to the surface of the barn, tool and machinery.

-          Continuous disinfection (disinfection with cattle in it)

Disinfect inside of drain Corridors, cages and equipment three times per week as spray to prevent from the disease.

-          Basic disinfection (empty congratulation disinfection)

Before making animals to be entered at barn, disinfect whole walls as spray after washing away the floor, walls and machinery, etc. once a week with water.

-          For disinfection of wheel and sterilization tank:

It is preferable to fill this disinfectant tank with Orbivet diluted with water by 20 times (5% solution)

And exchange the solution in tank twice a week.


Disinfect the barn as spraying 10 L of this drug diluted with water

by 50 times (2% solution) per 100m2 of area.


Concentration of diluent

Orbivet + water

Continuous disinfection

Basic disinfection




100g +10L

200g +10L


Packaging unit

l kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 18kg, 200kg


Storage and expiry date

1) Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

2) 24 months from date of manufacture



1.         Consult with your veterinarian.

2.         Withdrawal time: None

3.         Side effect: It may damage when stock solution adheres to the skin.

4.         Contra indication

5.         Do ​​not apply in combination with detergents.

6.         Usage note

-          Do not get into person's mouth.

-          Be careful not it to enter into a person's mouth.

-          Wash thoroughly with water when adhering the skin.

-          Be careful not animal products or feed to be contaminated.

-          Always wear mask and gloves when using it.


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