CEO Message


In 1977, We established EWHA under the mission of
"Prepare the future united with the personnel, the customer,
and the industry"

During the 1980's, a national market for livestock industry grows up in dramatic pattern, many of industry participants did receive venefit from the growth of livestock market. In 1997, Korean economy are under control of IMF. This financial crisis encourages industry more professional and competitive. Furthermore, the function of animal is not limit to economic purpose (traditional livestock and fish) but extend to emotional purpose (i.e companion animal). This means the industry facing not only supplier's market but also consumer's market.

The vision for new millenium of EWHA Pharmtek is to contribute to the individual, society and humanity by performing responsibile and fact-based work on the frontier of science and technology for the veterinary, livestock and pet industries.
To achieve such objective, we keep our competitiveness by pionerring new market, contituing product improvement, reserching innovative solution and prusuing harmonized partnership. We did big step up by receiving GMP manufacturing certificate covering ora-liquid solution, power, gel-type ointment and feed additive from National Authority.

When we closed to our target, we do believe our efforts turn into synergical energy for the industry and finally, achieve our target " Acompany touching customer's mind"

For the time to our target, EWHA Pharmtek will promise continual progress to meet or exceed our customer's expectation.

All the best,
Jung-Hyup Lee

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